A browser extension to switch between map websites.

Version 1.0.1Changelog

MapSwitcher is a small browser extension which adds buttons to various map services for opening the displayed location in a different service. Currently supported is switching between Google Maps, and

This is a small summer project which I did to get some practice with developing browser extensions. There are a few similar projects available, but none support and I didn't like their user experience, so I wanted to make a free, simple, open source alternative which would suit my needs and would integrate well with the supported services.


MapSwitcher currently supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

To install, download the extension either from the Chrome Web Store or the Firefox Add-Ons portal.


MapSwitcher adds buttons to the tools sections of Google Maps and, clicking on which opens the currently displayed location in Google Maps, or

In the extension options you can decide which buttons will be shown, as well as whether the new map will open in a new tab.